powder coating vs. paint - Carte RadsHow does powder coating compare to paint?

It looks better, it lasts longer, and it costs less for starters. It is more versatile and less harmful to the environment. Choose Valley Powder Coating for:

Great looking finishes – Valley Powder Coating offers a variety of colours and textures that protect and enhance any metal product. We have a full palette of colours to choose from, and textures to improve appearance, functionality, or safety.

Versatile finishes – Valley Powder Coating provides choices like UV coatings to protect furniture from fading and textures to make tools easier to grip. The powder coating process gets into all the nooks and crannies of the most complex pieces to provide maximum protection and durability.

Durable finishes – With Valley Powder Coating, you know that every surface of every piece is fully protected with a tough, chip resistant coating. No worries about scratches, cracks or pin holes because our electrostatic application provides a strong, uniform finish that resists fading in the sun, and even withstands the effects of abrasive chemicals